Source: Capuchin Youth Pakistan    Posted on: February 11, 2020, 10:21 pm

New Year Greetings!The year 0f 2020 has declared as a year of Youth. So Capuchin Youth started new year with the prayer of thanks giving on 12th January, in which all members participated with full spirit and new energy as it was also the first meeting of the year 2020. The purpose of Prayer was to thanks God almighty for all His blessings which He had given to Capuchin youth and individually to all the members in 2019. There were good times as well as hard times for Capuchin youth in 2019 but Capuchin youth never gave up and it was only because of our strong faith in God and the support of our director Rev. Fr. Father Francis Sabir OFM Cap. God has always blessed Capuchin youth with countless blessings so this was the time to thanks Him. The Prayer was started at 6:00 pm in the evening. At first the opening prayer was led by Mr. Wasif Gulzar and then scripture reading by Mr. Stephen Gill. Then Ms. Kanwal Anthoney warmly welcomed everyone and wished them a happy new year. First she asked everyone to reflect upon all the uncountable blessings we have received in 2019, The prayer session was based on two questions which were “what you have given to Capuchin youth?” and “what Capuchin youth has given to you?”. The purpose of asking these questions was to recall the blessings of God that He had given Capuchin youth in 2019. She gave a little time to think on these Questions silently. There was a peaceful music in the background which was enhancing the peace of mind to think deeply. After sometime she asked everyone individually about their answers for first question that was “what you have given to Capuchin youth?”. The answers were time, energy, sharing of skills, devotion, joy etc. Ms. Kanwal appreciated everyone for their beautiful answers. Afterwards she asked for their answers for second question which was “what Capuchin youth has given to you?”. The answers for this question were heart taking. They were that “Capuchin youth has developed the values in them such as love, care, respect for others, joy Capuchin youth has also given them Identity, platform, motive of life, family, acceptance, Confidence, positive energy, happiness change of behavior, trust and groomed their personality also strengthened them spiritually and many more. At the end we all concluded that “these answers which members have given are actually the blessings of God which they received through serving in Capuchin Youth Pakistan. At the end Capuchin youth ask to God to lead us to the right path and give us new spirit and strengthen all the members of Capuchin youth to fulfill His mission” so we can build the kingdom of God on earth. After prayer Leaders Capuchin Youth Mr. Ahsan Suleman and Ms. Kinza Sohail wished a very happy new year to all and thanked for their participation and also thanked Ms. Kanwal Anthony for this wonderful session.