Capuchin Youth Activities

Capuchin Youth Activities

To continue our mission we have categorized our activities under 4 groups/Segments. Though Capuchin youth have 2034 members from Lahore and different cities of Pakistan but Capuchin youth have 65 active members and these 65 members have divided themselves in 4 groups under these 4 main activities given below:

  • Franciscan Group (Diakonia, Charity works, Visiting Sick, Ecology, Promoting Dialogue and unity, Working for justice and peace)
  • Spiritual Group. (Annual Retreats, Weekly and monthly day of prayer and reflection, counseling, liturgy and Music)
  • Social Group. (celebrating Social events, sports and talents, Seminars on social, political and cultural issues, Capuchin Youth studio, social media and publications)
  • Catechetical Group. (Seminars, Catechism schools, Catechetical trainings, faith formation)
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    Jesus Coming Home

    Jesus coming home is the faith promoting activity of the Capuchin youth, as in procession we take the holy Eucharist to the families and communities and conduct the liturgy of the Word and Eucharistic adoration.

    Eucharistic Healing Adoration:

    On every Thursday a Eucharistic healing adoration is prepared with immense love for the entire parish community. A unique opportunity for all the faithful to experience the peace and ultimate company of Jesus Christ. Youth holds the responsibility to prepare alter while the young Friars help preparing liturgy.

    Eucharistic Unity Movement:

    Capuchin youth started Eucharistic unity movement last year in 2018. More than 5000 Youngsters join this unity gathering. Many Christian Schools and colleges’ youth were invited. This Year Again in the month of August we celebrated 2nd Eucharistic Unity Movement 2019. The Topic of Youth movement was Youth for Dialogue. The guest of honor of this program was His Grace Bishop Sebastian Francis Shaw Archbishop of Lahore, priests and sisters.

    Youth Mass:

    On every last Friday of the month Capuchin Youth celebrates Special Youth Mass for all the youngsters. As it is our mission to bring all youth around the Alter and We celebrate Youth Masses not only in our Parish, rather in different parishes of the archdiocese of Lahore as well.

    Blood Donation Camp:

    Capuchin youth conducts blood donation camp for the Children suffering from thalassemia and hemophilia, for Fatimid Foundation Pakistan. We conduct this activity every year in the Fasting Season of (Ramdan), as our Muslim brothers and sisters don’t donate blood for these children, and because of the less blood donors many children die in this month. Therefore Capuchin youth organizes blood camp in St. Francis Parish to donate blood to these children. The activity is the perfect depiction of following Christ by giving our blood for others like Christ did for us. Many boys and Girls from Capuchin youth donated their blood for the Children in extreme need along with many blood donors from the parish.

    Annual Retreats:

    Every year in the month of July an annual retreat is arranged for Capuchin youth. It is the great time of the year when we move towards the mountains for a week in order to feel the presence of God and refresh our souls. It has always been a wonderful experience. Our youth director Fr. Francis Sabir conducts spiritual workshops, prayers, sessions, religious discussions and also listen confessions.

    Monthly Recollections:

    Once in a month a prayer meeting is arranged by the group to receive the blessings of the Lord Almighty so that He may guide us and direct us through the Holy Spirit and we may choose the right track

    Visiting the Sick:

    Capuchin youth pays a regular visit to many sick brothers and sisters. There are many families in the parish that capuchin youth visits in this regard. Capuchin youth helps the patients in getting checkup, treatment and medication from proper place in a proper manner to the deserving.

    Capuchin Youth Nursing Wing:

    Capuchin youth following the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi works as the Healing Hand of Christ in the shape of Capuchin Youth Nurses Wing. Special gathering of Christian nurses is arranged often to keep them motivated by the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi. our Young paramedical staff is St. Francis of this age caring for the sick. These nurses also help the Christian deserving patients in their respective hospital.

    Catechism school for Kids:

    Catechism for children is very essential for building strong faith. Jesus started this mission when the disciples rebuked the children. We continue the mission of Jesus Christ and bring them closer to God. Every Sunday, trained teachers from the Capuchin youth teach in the Catechism schools. Most of the Christian Children in Pakistan study in Muslim & Government schools where Islamic study is compulsory for them. No Christian education is given in such schools while only in the catechism schools they get a chance to learn basic catechism of Catholic Church. Capuchin youth is working in many areas to Promote Catholic Catechism like Capuchin Catechism school KotLakhpat, Henry-kay, Liaqatabad, Yousafabad, LDA quarters, Peter Gill Colony, Bilal Town and Awami colony.

    Catechism School for Domestic Workers:

    Christians deprived and underprivileged minority of Pakistan mostly belongs to poor background. Being a part of ignored and neglected class the members of our community often work as domestic workers. Especially young girls are most affected. They have to work as minions to support their families. They face the problems of religious and gender discriminations, blaming for the forced conversion and harassment almost every day. Taking the matter serious capuchin youth focused on these issues and provided these domestic workers with financial assistance and training etc. The mission of capuchin youth is education, faith, formation and development to enable them work independently through certain skills sets for better life.


    “Education is not information but formation”. There is need to educate Christian youth and the biggest source to educate them is through “Fullness of life series of seminars”. These seminars fulfill the vision of CYCM which is “United in Christ for Fullness of Life”. Through these seminars Capuchin youth tries to unite Christian youth and to enlighten the importance of Eucharist in one’s Life while experiencing the real Body. In these seminars, youth share their views, the problems they face and the queries of the youth are addressed in these seminars. This strengthens their faith and brings positive changes in their lives.

    Social Activities:

    Along with the spiritual activities Capuchin youth celebrates all social events with high spirits. Every year special occasions and special days like mother’s day, father’s day, women’s day are celebrated to give tribute to the parents and the women. Besides this capuchin youth organizes Funfair in the month of December to add more to the festive season of Advent. Capuchin youth has stetted a trend to celebrate Capuchin missionary day to pay tribute to all the early Belgian capuchin missionaries who brought the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Land of Punjab and handed over us strong faith by catechizing and baptizing our forefathers.

    Christmas Carol Singing:

    In December Capuchin Youth organizes Christmas Carol, for the kids to make their Christmas more joyous, where many Christian schools get invited to participate. Capuchin youth eagerly decorate, organize and conducts this melodiously joyous activity and feels great to spread the Good News that Jesus Christ is born. All the children, their parents and teachers get together in this program to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and sing carols with their melodious voices. Mimes and dramas are also performed by Catechism schools. It is the wonderful time of year to celebrate and get close to one another as one family.

    Fund Raising and Charity:

    Following the footprints of St. Francis of Assisi, Capuchin youth helps the poor and deserving community by raising Funds through their own effort and exertion. Capuchin Youth makes handmade Christmas cards, art work and decorative stuff to raise funds. Capuchin youth place stalls for fund raising on Advent Sundays and sale their handmade creations for the sake of raising fund for deserving. With the money collected through these activities Capuchin youth helps the poor Christians families in the parish and Christians living at Brick kilns.

    Capuchin Youth Music Academy:

    Worship is an act of religious devotion. So we have melodious voices in our capuchin youth family. They are trained for the Gospel singing and serve in Lord’s house through their voices. Though we do not have proper place to conduct music classes of our music academy but music classes are conducted most of the times in our church at evening time and sometimes when church is busy we do request our Director of Capuchin Youth to give us place in the friary for 1 hour music class.

    Capuchin Youth Studio:

    As it is our mission to build kingdom of God on earth so we are trying our best to spread the Gospel not only in our country but we are spreading God’s word all over the world by digital media through Capuchin Youth Studio. Every week we record Bible Readings, from the Liturgical Calendar for the coming Sunday and upload Recorded readings on our Capuchin youth YouTube channel for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan as well as living in other countries.


    Capuchin Youth believes that the missionaries have contributed a lot to raise the Church in Pakistan. Now it’s our time to be a self-support church. Therefore for all the expenses Capuchin youth manages by polling from their pockets. However sometimes on big programs, capuchin youth requests the Parish Priest to help them. We have our special accounts department for all the financial operations that is managed by Ms. Auqleedas Kanwal.

    We Need Your Help For Rescue Child

    With your support, we will keep children safe from exploitation.