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United in Christ for Fullness of Life


We Capuchin youth, following the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi, will follow Jesus Christ as teacher and center of our lives. We will educate ourselves and our young brothers and sisters in faith, to be totally engaged in the life, mission and ministry of the Holy Mother Catholic Church.Read More


The core of the Capuchin Youth is the “mission of uniting all towards fullness of life in Jesus Christ”. Capuchin Youth will encourage the youth and young adults to be the missionaries to carry on the missionary activities of the Church for the New Evangelization in our time. Read More


I humbly and joyfully welcome to all the Youth of the world, to our Capuchin Youth’s Website. The purpose to develop this website is to invite all the young Christians from all over the world to join the Capuchin youth. The vision and mission of the Capuchin youth is to follow the Mission of Jesus Christ in the guidance of the Holy Mother Catholic Church to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth to promote love, peace, Justice, truth, acceptance, Charity, forgiveness and unity among the Christians, different religions and nations.

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Fr. Francis Sabir OFM Cap
Capuchin Youth and Catechetical Ministry Pakistan


“United in Christ for Fullness of Life”

This is the slogan of the Capuchin Youth and Catechetical Ministry Pakistan. Capuchin youth developed this slogan after three years’ challenges and experience of the youth work. On the 5th July 2014 after spending 5 days in prayer and reflection on the mission of the Holy Mother Catholic Church and on the situation of the youth in Pakistan and of all over the world.

Through this Slogan Capuchin Youth envisions to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth, by uniting all the Creation of God the Father Almighty. For this God has called us all to be united in Him, through our Lord Jesus Christ. This Unity between God, His people and all the Creation is the fullness of life which Jesus Christ has brought to us by his passion, death on the Cross and resurrection. Therefore, Capuchin Youth believes that the only way towards the fullness of life is to be untied in Jesus Christ.

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Let’s gather Christian youth around the alter and build the kingdom of God on earth. Young Faithful Christians can join us. Stay connected and follow us on given links below.

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we welcome you all on our website. There's no higher calling than Christian ministry for the Lord, in which youth dedicate their lives in sacrificial service to build God's kingdom. Young Christian people from all over the world are welcome to join us.


Renewing the Vision also identifies eight components of Capuchin youth ministry, each of which is an expression of the ministry of the Christian community to young people. In a program of total youth ministry, Capuchin Youth combine these components.


Advocacy – enables young people by giving them a voice and calling them to responsibility and accountability around issues that affect them and their future.

Community Life

Community Life – provides avenues for adolescents to participate as members of the faith community and opportunities for the faith community to acknowledge, celebrate and value its adolescent members.

Justice and Service

Justice and Service − involves adolescents, their families and parish communities in actions of direct service to those in need and in efforts to address the causes of injustice and inequity and nurtures a lifelong commitment to service and justice involvement.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care – promotes positive adolescent and family development, provides care and guidance, challenges systems that are obstacles to positive development, and maintains a contact/referral list to connect youth and their families to support services as needed.


Catechesis – integrates knowledge of the Catholic faith with the development of practical skills for living the Catholic faith in today’s world.


Evangelization – calls young people to be evangelizers of other young people, their families and the community.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development – utilizes adult and adolescent leaders in the variety of leadership roles necessary for comprehensive ministry.

Prayer and Worship

Prayer and Worship – celebrates and deepens young people’s relationship with Jesus Christ through communal prayer and liturgical experiences.

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